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    manages different technical operations

Our Machinery

Bandirma Marble is dedicated to producing highest quality with fairest price. We can assure a strict quality control because whole our factory is equipped with Italian Technologhy and skilled craft people.

Bandirma Marble manages different technical operations in its factory and present the ordered material to the customers as polished, honed, calibrated, bevelled, epoxied and brushed.

  • Gang Saw – Simec
  • Gang Saw – Barsanti
  • Slab Polishing Line – Pedrini
  • Slab Epoxy Line – İnka
  • Bridge Cutting Machine – MKS
  • Bridge Cutting Machine – GMM
  • Single Wire – Pellegrini
  • Edge Chamfering and Polishing Machine – MKS
  • Edge Chamfering and Polishing Machine – Özmaksan
  • Polishing / Trimming Line – MKS
  • Block Cutting Machine – MKS (2 pcs)
  • Block Cutting Machine – Esmaş (3 pcs)
  • Head Cutting Machine – 5 pcs

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